Did you know that in 2018, CVS made a commitment to not alter its beauty imagery? Well they did! And that is something I can really get behind. Personally, I prefer my images to be mostly unretouched anyway. I like the aesthetic of people being less retouched, or not retouched at all, because people can tell—at least sub-consciously—what looks real and what doesn’t. People have pores. And freckles. And unique features. It’s worth celebrating!

It was a pleasure to be a part of a project, and a brand, that represents the authenticity and diversity that surrounds us. Digitas and CVS were also awesome collaborators and tons of fun to work with. Click the link above to go to the CVS “Beauty In Real Time” mini-zine, and see below for some of my personal faves and BTS video.

~ Austin

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Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 12.05.44 PM.png

Thank You!!!

Photographer: Austin Huck, HIVE.STUDIO
Producer: Cassie Huck, HIVE.STUDIO
1st Assistant: Kyle Normandin
HIVE.Drone and BTS Videographer: Billy Raad
Hair: Erica Morales, Ennis Inc.
Makeup: Kacie Corbelle, Ennis Inc.
Wardrobe: Taylor Greeley, Ennis Inc.
Wardrobe Assistant: Kelly Michaud, Ennis Inc.
Manicurist: Hanh Phan, Ennis Inc.
Talent: Jada DuBois, Model Club
Talent: Hailey Carlson, Maggie Inc.
Talent: Brendan Beaudoin, Maggie Inc.
Agency: Digitas
Client: CVS