Summer is finally here and that means that it is time to introduce you to our 2019 HIVE.Drones (i.e. Interns). This is our third year of our HIVE.Drone program, and after a couple of summers with 5-6 interns, we decided to only accept 2 this year. We had many applicants and a long interview process, but in the end it came down to these two wonderfully creative women who continue to impress us with their drive and passion.

We can’t wait to see how they grow with us this summer, and to start things off we asked them to introduce themselves by creating a self portrait. This is what they did:

Hive_Drone_Headshots12098 2.jpg

Moe (pronounced MOH-AY) is currently studying Photography and Fibers and Material Studies in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Although she was born in Japan, Moe is a full-fledged Bostonian who was raised in Brookline. Her inspiration comes from her peers and fellow artists and musicians. Moe’s creative work often moves between fine art and commercial, exploring texture, form and the conceptual. On her days off, she enjoys bouldering, playing and listening to music, and napping.


Title: Dinner Table

Moe Wakai

Humans displace themselves from their impact of single-use plastic on animals. We pretend it is not our fault, and instead blame the capitalistic system while removing an individual’s responsibility. We ignore, we forget, and we become oblivious to the suffering of other organisms, choosing our comfort over their anguish. This work attempts to draw attention to the consequences of human inaction, by replacing the traditional image of the turtle consuming plastic waste with a human—one of us— consuming plastic waste. We are not immune to the changes we’ve caused in the life cycle, it is simply not obvious until it’s staring you in the face. The figure questions you, the viewer, what will you do?

Hive_Drone_Headshots12126 2.jpg

A recent grad from Lesley Art and Design with a BFA in photography, Olivia is originally from Ipswich, MA but now calls Somerville home. Olivia’s photography explores cultural identity, her creative influences stemming from her multicultural upbringing—her mother being from Barcelona, Spain and her father from Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. On Olivia’s days off she’s probably playing with her chinchilla, writing in her journal or creating generations on Sims4.

self portrait_Olivia Grim.jpg

Title: Face

As artists, we often reflect on how much value is put into our artistry. I frequently think about if my works are putting enough impact on a person in their day to day life. This self portrait shows hidden insecurities of who I am as an artist, constantly worrying about my worth and anxious about being memorable.