After our first shoot with Kristen Kish for KoreAm Magazine, Austin and I couldn't forget her. I admit it, some subjects come and go, but something about Kristen had us mesmerized. Maybe it was her effortless beauty and calm demeanor, or the homemade caramels she offered us. Or maybe it was her awkward dance moves, or her unforgettably kind gesture of offering her living room to me so I could breastfeed my then 4-week old (yes, I had a sleeping 4-wk old baby Gia strapped to me in a Moby on-set).

Almost 1 year later, we invited Kristen to HIVE.STUDIO for a studio portrait session. Expertly styled and made up by Erin Riley and Kacie Corbelle, Austin and I wanted to capture the intelligent, super-creative, and badass woman that is the unforgettable Kristen Kish. 

Thank you, Kristen, for your presence, your food and realizing this project with us! <3

HIVE.Studio Team
Producer/Creative Director: Cassie Huck, HIVE.STUDIO
Photographer: Austin Huck, HIVE.STUDIO
Ennis Inc
Stylist: Erin Riley, Ennis Inc
Hair and Make Up: Kacie Corbelle, Ennis Inc