a passionate brand Defined

From the moment we connected with Urban Caviar we knew that this was our kind of passionate brand. Robinson Paul, the designer and face of the brand, embodies Urban Caviar with passion, charm, wit and exceptional style. 

We worked with Urban Caviar to create a complete image package for their website refresh. The content and style was already there, and Photographer Austin Huck, and Cinematographer Mia Malchow brought the HIVE.STUDIO sauce to make the brand shine across all digital media. 

Showcased here is the Capsule collection of sharp mens' suits, and the Basics collection taking men's relaxed style to a new level of allure. We collaborated with Urban Caviar to create all of the ecommerce imagery to show the clothing fit and unique details, and a gif that showed the clothing at every angle. We also captured 2 look-books to be used for either print or web, shooting in-studio and on-location in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. During the look-book shoots Mia captured video for 3 different spots; the final videos being 15-seconds, 30-seconds and 1-minute durations to use for different purposes like web banners, web ads, viral videos and Instagram.

While shooting in NYC we also met up with Siyaka, the hot hip hop artist quickly rising in the underground NYC music scene, who modeled some Urban Caviar and provided his profound musical talent for our videos.

An incredible experience to work with Robinson and help with his creative vision, and definitely my favorite project to date. For more Urban Caviar head to House of Caviar and on Instagram @houseofcaviar. For more Siyaka check out The Real Siyaka and on Instagram @therealsiyaka.

Cheers ~ Cassie

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30-sec Fashion Film for Urban Caviar
For more Urban Caviar videos click > HIVE.STUDIO Vimeo

Client: Urban Caviar
Photographer: Austin Huck
Cinematographer: Mia Malchow
Models: Robinson Paul, Siyaka, Manny Soto, Nate Botelho, Billy Raad, Ryne Tillman
HMU: Chimebere Iruka