A story of team cohesion and the love of music amongst an eclectic group.

Photo by Austin Huck - Set Design by Erin Riley

Photo by Austin Huck - Set Design by Erin Riley

Music is a total necessity in any photo studio, but it can also be divisive. After months of teamwork, creative thinking, and compromise these are the rules our studio lives by. Recently clients and freelance team members have noticed this seemingly strange behavior and asked what the complete set of rules are so they can use them too.

For starters these are less rules and more like fluid guidelines which can and should be changed on the fly to appease the masses. Below is the first written up version I have done. If you use these rules remember the fluidity and can change, add, and subtract to create a happy music filled space.

1. The Jam: If this song is your jam you need to yell JAM. Mumbling does not count. A good jam call goes something like this, "OOOOOOOOHHHHHH This is my JAAAAM!!!"

then the music volume is increased and studio responds, "JAM Called!!!"

2. The Veto: If this song makes you cringe then you can call Veto and the song is skipped, thumbed down, etc. Again, mumbling does not count.

We started by giving people only one veto a day but found that limiting. However you can only Veto someone's Jam once a day. If there is more than one person calling Jam then it can not be Vetoed.

3. Lifetime Veto: These tend to be more categorical. Such as no banjo music or Eminem. Strictly only one per person.

4. Lifetime Jam: Opposite of the Lifetime Veto. This is only a specific song or artist.

No one has yet had a Lifetime Jam on Lifetime Veto and we have no idea how that will be resolved if it happens. Perhaps an all studio vote.

5. Starting It Up: Music should be day of the week appropriate. i.e. no music that talks about how awesome Friday is should be played on a Monday. Sleepy music in the afternoon is discouraged. If its gonna be a big day, pump it up! If it's slow, mellow music may be better. If its winter then summer music is also discouraged.

6. Soft Veto / Jam: This one is new and we haven't figured out a good balance yet. Its really just feedback. Basically if you're not a big fan of a song you can mention it to the team and if there is a general consensus of meh, then it is skipped. If a song is creating a good vibe we know we are doing something right but no action is needed. Rock on.

7. Spirit of the Rules: These guidelines are intended to promote group cohesion and not to be used maliciously. Don't be that guy.

• Christmas Music is only played 2 weeks before Christmas.
• If your going to a show that night a full album of that artist can be played. Maximum of 3 albums (does not trump Lifetime Veto)
• Lifetime Veto only applies when the person who applied the Veto is in studio.

If your team uses, adds, or improves let us know!

Thanks to Julie for the original "Jam called" and Rita for asking for the write up.