The Hive Mind

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Photographer, Co-Director

Austin Huck is the eye behind the lens of HIVE.STUDIO. Austin brings attention to detail, thorough technical expertise and unparalleled energy to the set. Austin’s fascination with photography began as a kid after inheriting his Grandfather’s camera that he built out of wood. Austin holds his Bachelor’s degree in Advertising Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and on his days off can be found whitewater kayaking, building something and playing with his kids.

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Producer, Co-Director

Cassie is responsible for bringing creative and cohesive vision and concept, and also provides seamless end-to-end project management and production to all of HIVE.STUDIO’s projects. Cassie holds her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and on her days off can be found playing Ultimate Frisbee, mountain biking and dancing in the kitchen.

First Assistant

Sasha originally joined HIVE as a Drone (HIVE.STUDIO’s intern program), she grew to be Austin’s First Assistant and Studio Manager. Sasha maintains daily sanity and is now an essential part of the HIVE team. Sasha graduated from the New England School of Photography with a focus in Advertising and Fashion, with portfolio honors. Originally from Manchester, England, Sasha now calls Foxborough, Massachusetts home. On her days off she probably traveling, ice skating, and singing while cooking.



Co-Child Executive Officers, Bowen and Gia have the toughest jobs of all—bringing the cuteness. It’s not easy being this cute, but somehow they manage to bring the cute, the cool, and keep everyone at HIVE.STUDIO in line. These two have no days off from being this cute.

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Moe Wakai

Moe is currently studying Photography and Fibers and Material Studies in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Although she was born in Japan, Moe is a full-fledged Bostonian who was raised in Brookline. Her inspiration comes from her peers and fellow artists and musicians. Moe’s creative work often moves between fine art and commercial, exploring texture, form and the conceptual. On her days off, she enjoys bouldering, playing and listening to music, and napping.

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Olivia Grim

A recent grad from Lesley Art and Design with a BFA in photography, Olivia is originally from Ipswich, MA but now calls Somerville home. Olivia’s photography explores cultural identity, her creative influences stemming from her multicultural upbringing—her mother being from Barcelona, Spain and her father from Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. On Olivia’s days off she’s probably playing with her chinchilla, writing in her journal or creating generations on Sims4.